Thermoset Injection molding manufacturer

Superior Thermal Insulation

Are you still looking for solutions to have your plastic components remaining unchanged even exposed to 400℃ high temperature and harsh environment?

Excellent Mechanism Strength

  • Flexural Strength 123 Mpa
  • Compressive Strength 225 Mpa
  • Charpy Impact 3.60 KJ/m2
  • Deflection Temperature @ 1.82 Mpa 210℃

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Established in 2006, Changhong plastics has been one of the leading producers for Phenolic and Thermoset molded components in China,focused on thermoset injection molding for more than ten years, licensed with ISO9001, we have established long-term cooperation with famous branded customers like NKK, Tiger(from Japan) etc. who have strict requirements on quality and services.

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Thermoset structure and mold design
Thermoset Injection Tooling
Thermoset Injection Molding

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Customer’s Review

“In the past two years, we have very pleasant cooperation with Changhong, we can always get the prompt response and get the solutions at the first fime.”

MR. David, Project Manager

“We have been trying to find appropriate thermoset molding supplier in china. Changhong has meet our requirements for product quality and services, they delivery goods in time and always provide us with the fastest response whenver problems occured. We appreciate changhong’s cooperation and the efforts they have made in the past years”

John, Project Manager

“I am very pleased to have cooperation with changhong. I appreciated their attitude to solve problems, their engineer are well experienced in this industry and always provide me the best solutions to realize my idea and save my cost, to avoid possible waste in material and labors, I am really happy to recommend you this supplier”

Stephen, Project Manager

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