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What is thermoset injection molding?

Thermoset molding is an irreversible molding process by which malleable forms of plastics are forced into a heated mold and formed into their final shape. Thermoset Plastic Injection Molding Machine and Operator are different from thermoplastic molding. The process for thermoset injection molding is quite similar to traditional injection molding with thermoplastics. Thermoset materials such [...]


Thermoset VS Thermoplastics

Up to date, still a few customers are confused about the difference between thermoset and thermoplastics materials, the answer is that it depends on the product application. How will the product be used and what environment the products are applied. Using a thermoplastic in an application that requires material performance properties of thermosets could cause [...]

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Injection Molding with Thermosets

Thermoset parts and components can be manufactured in similar molding processes as thermoplastics such as nylon, ABS, etc. The most popular molding processes for thermosets are injection molding. Why Choose Injection Molding for Your Thermoset Parts? Manufacturers and molders may select an injection molding process for their thermoset application for a variety of reasons, mostly [...]

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