Commitment to Quality

Changhong Plastic Molding is a ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer,we attach great importance to product quality, our business philosophy is to exceed our customers’ expectation through continuous improvement.
We control our product quality in every step of our production process. From the the beginning of drawing review to finished products, we proceed our prodcution process strictly according to ISO standard to ensure that only the highest quality plastic products are delivered to our customers. We carry our quality control management mainly from below steps.

Changhong thermoset injection molding ISO Certificate

Step 1 : Drawing Review

Before any project started, we review our parts’ drawing carefully, consider every detail of the parts as well as the using of materials and the feasibility of product structure,offering feasible suggestion to our customer, try best to save cost for our customer and ensure the quality. Things like below

Thermoset molding draw review
Thermoset molding draw review

Step 2 : Mould Making

1) Mold flow analysis.
2) Prototype.
3) De-bugging as well as the trial report analysis.

Step 3 : Material incoming

We have long-term cooperated branded material supplier like Sumitomo to provide us the best qualified material with cost-effective support and instant supply to gurantee smooth production without any quality sacrifice.

Step 4 : Production Process

Before mass production, our operators have to make first article assurance and then start the production. Besides, by the time our operators inspect the products themselves, IPQC will make inspections every two hours to ensure qualified parts to go “to be inpected” area. and OQC will make final inspection to send the goods the finished area.

Thermoset injection molding Flow-Diagram
Thermoset injection molding 2.5 coordinates