Thermoset molding is an irreversible molding process by which malleable forms of plastic are forced into a heated mold and formed into their final shape while thermoplastics can be remolded and recycled without negatively affecting the material’s physical properties. Thermoset Plastic Injection Molding Machine and Operator are different from thermoplastic molding

Bakelite application parts

Thermoset plastics products have a lot of advantages as below:

  • Corrosion and Steam Resistant

  • Excellent Chemical and Dimensional Stability

  • Excellent Thermal insulating propertie

  • Excellent electric insulating qualities

  • Mechanical strength

  • Low Creep/Shrink

  • Cost advantage versus machined aluminum or steel parts

  • Low flammability

  • Low fluid absorption

  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

The main materials we molded are:

  • Phenolic Formaldehyde (Also called Bakelite)

  • Urea-Formaldehyde

  • Melamine resin

  • UP Material

  • DAP Material


Our customers rely on Changhong Plastics as a trusted thermoset molding supplier to provide expertise in high heat applications, insulation etc.

The services we can provide:

  • Tooling design

  • Prototyping

  • Molding Making

  • Injection Molding

  • Secondary Process

  • Assembly, printing and packaging(Color Options)

Phenolic electrical parts

Thermoset Injection Molding Capabilities

Thermoset Material Molding Capability Phenolic Resin(Bakelite) Urea-Formaldehyde,Melamine resin,UP&DAP
Molding Processes Injection
Quality Certifications ISO 9001:2015 qualified
Extreme Tolerance +/-0.01%
Colors Custom colors
Secondary Services Painting,  Silkscreen
Machine Size/ Clamping Force 80 Ton to 360 Ton
Number of Cavities One or Multiple
Part Weight 0.1 grams to 10 lbs
Production Volume 100000 parts
Feeding Systems Hopper
Ashtrays                                                      Gear Housings

Headlamp Reflectors                                Heat Shields

Powertrain Components                           Pulleys

Solenoids & Caps                                       Thrust Washers

Transmission Components                       Valve Housings

Appliance Applications Oven bakelite door frame                         Bakelite Oven Handles

Insulation Gasket                                       Bakelite Feet Cushion

Bakelite Lid Pot Knob                               Handles

Electric Iron Spare Parts                           Motor Housings

Tableware dinner plate                              Melamine tableware tray

Outdoor Grill Handles                                Oven & Range Components

Electrical Applications High Voltage Terminal                                Bases

Bakelite Hand Wheel                                   Circuit Breaker Components

High Voltage Terminal Connectors            Electrical Housings

Insulators                                                       Electric Motor Components

Relays                                                              Slip Rings

Sensor housing                                               Motor Carbon Brush

power distribution wire junction box        Instrument Junction box

Terminal Strip                                                Starter Caps

Industrial & Other Applications Bobbins                                                            Terminal Blocks

Bakelite moldsBakelite                                  Switch shell mould

Molds for Melamine resin                             Pump Housings

Plastic Cutlery moulding                                Handle mould

Acceptable File Formats 3D,  Product Sample, 2D