Up to date, still a few customers are confused about the difference between thermoset and thermoplastics materials, the answer is that it depends on the product application. How will the product be used and what environment the products are applied.

Using a thermoplastic in an application that requires material performance properties of thermosets could cause product or material failure in the field, so it is important to understand how each material can affect your product and its cost to manufacture.

Operating Environment

For products operating in a high temperature environment, thermosets are the best material choice over thermoplastics. Molded thermoset parts provide heat resistance up to 500F and above depending on the material formulation, while most thermoplastics will degrade chemically and physically when exposed to such high temperatures. besides, thermosets have excellent chemical resistance properties, allowing product usage in challenging environments that could be exposed or submerged in oils, water, fluids, and other chemicals.

In electrical or automobile applications, thermoset materials can offer electrical insulation performance or even conductive properties. Some electrical applications require a UL flammability rating, . Thermosets such as phenolic,  malamine material have thermal and electrical resistance properties.

Product Usage

Since thermoplastics can be recycled and remolded, they are suitable molding material for low cost or one-time use plastic products as well as those which not require high temperature resistance and electric insulation.

While thermosets by comparison, cannot be remolded after initial heat forming and therefore not be suitable for single-use products, thermosets molded products are normally used in home appliance, such as bakelite handle, phenolic handle,  as well as electrical which requires electric insulation and low flamability. and it is also widely used in automobile application. for details,please review our work by https://chthermosetmolding.com/our-work/ or send inquiry to [email protected]